Expert View for Custom Development

From your exciting idea to a product approved for human application, you have a long way to go. You need a technical solution for hardware and software. You have to document all processes and results according to comprehensive criteria and without gaps. And you need realistic and reliable planning, execution and control of the project without losing sight of time and costs.


We have the technical expertise for individual solutions, know the requirements and pitfalls of the approval procedures and manage your project professionally and reliably. 

Know How

Innovations need knowledge, development needs skill. ROWIAK focuses on understanding the processes in the human eye. We are sure that the possibilities of femtosecond laser technology and modern opto-electronics still offer many more solutions for ophthalmological tasks.


Therefore, we are intensively investigating the interactions between laser and eye tissue during and after the laser treatment.


We have experience with refractive laser surgery (PRK, LASIK, SMILE), laser-assisted capsulotomy and lens fragmentation (FLACS) as well as various applications of laser-assisted glaucoma surgery.


We are experts in the accommodation of the eye and focus on the development and treatment of presbyopia.


We are familiar with optics, nonlinear optics and wavefront analysis and are working on the improvement and further development of existing methods such as optical coherence tomography (OCT).


Within the scope of prototype development we build opto-mechanical machines and develop specified software for their control. We use 3D printing technology where it makes sense.


ROWIAK's portfolio is rounded off by optical design and the attention to user and patient friendliness of our developments.

Laboratory Services

Within the context of our development activities, we can rely on extensive laboratory equipment and experience, which we also offer as a service for your development projects or within the scope of a cooperation.

Our Laboratory Services at a Glance


Planning and execution of laboratory experiments


Design and development of customized laboratory instruments and prototypes


Design and implementation of research protocols for pre-clinical testing


Ophthalmic laser surgery and diagnostics on  donor eyes 


Design and execution of animal studies


FEM simulations of anatomical and surgical procedures in the eye

Your contact person


Heike Sievert, Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Phone +49 511 277 2956


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