Our Expertise in Custom Development

General Expertise

  • Laser tissue interaction 
  • Optics and physiology of accommodation and presbyopia
  • Refractive laser surgery
  • Optics and non-linear optics
  • Optical design and testing
  • Opto-mechanical engineering
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Wavefront optics
  • Software development 
  • 3D printing

Laboratory Services

  • Ophthalmic laser surgery of human donor and animal eyes (coagulation, photoablation and photodisruption) 
  • Experience with LASIK, laser assisted capsulotomy and lens fragmentation 
  • Development of accommodation restoration conceptions
  • Design and implementation of laboratory experiments
  • Design and development of custom laboratory instruments and prototypes
  • Design and implementation of research protocols for pre-clinical testing
  • Design and execution of animal studies

Further Experience

  • Writing applications for public funding 
  • Fundraising and meeting with investors
  • Public presentations, teaching activities
  • Scientific writing