Focus on Eyes

Together with our customers, we support ophthalmologists and optometrists all over the world in their daily work. Solid innovation, research and development are our basis. Ultra-precise lasers and highly sensitive opto-electronics are our tools.

We support you

Your idea has the potential to solve an ophthalmological problem. Now a prototype is to prove that it actually works and that your development can reach market maturity.

We build your prototype.

Our engineers, physicists and software specialists turn your idea into a technical solution in the form of hardware and software - your prototypes.

We manage your project.

Time is money. We ensure reliable planning, execution and control of your project in terms of time and cost, individually, result-oriented and transparent.

We document without any gaps.

Current and future international medical device regulations require fully documented processes and results for the approval of your prototype.

Let's get going!

With our help you can safely move from desire over ability to permission:


Expert View


We have the technical expertise for individual solutions, know the requirements and pitfalls of the approval procedures and manage your project professionally and reliably. 

Development Services


Clear View


We support you with documentation for your project, clinical studies and application and provide knowledge and contacts.


Regulatory Services




Besides development services for our customers we develop innovative procedures and devices for ophthalmic surgery and diagnostics on our own.  

Ophthalmic Innovations


Look Inside


We are a team of experts around founder and CEO Holger Lubatschowski. Our goal is helping people to optimize their visual acuity.