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Ophthalmic Laser Surgery - About Femto-Ophthalmology

When learning about new medical technology, such as femtosecond lasers for ophthalmic  surgery, the clinician steps into an unfamiliar world of physics and engineering. It may be easy enough to comprehend how a laser can focus into the lens or the cornea in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. But what might be less understood is how a femtosecond laser works, how it differs from other lasers and how it interacts with the ocular tissue.

In order to truly understand this technology and be able to navigate through the finesses of its clinical use, it is helpful for the ophthalmologist to achieve a firm hold on femto-laser terminology, the engineering potentials and limitations of the procedure as well as the physics of tissue interaction.

On the following pages, a simplified overview of the fundamentals of laser engineering and tissue interaction, as well as the specific details with regard to femtosecond laser physics and its clinical use in ocular tissue are provided.

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