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Our Services

ROWIAK GmbH has extensive experience in the use of femtosecond technology on biological tissue and has enabled various applications in medical technology especially in Ophthalmic Laser Surgery. Our goal ist to serve all the needs and interests of the various target groups inolved in Ophthalmic Laser Surgery.

Based on the experience and the technology of our laser system TissueSurgeon ROWIAK has developed a laser mircokeratome for the preparation of corneal donor tissue: the CorneaSurgeon. The new LenSurgeon is designed for ultra precise surgical application in the crystalline lens such as presbyopia reversal.

Both systems include cutting-edge femtosecond laser technology, high sophisticated beam delivery and integrated OCT navigation and control.

Currently, ROWIAK GmbH is focused on laser-assisted microsurgery of the eye. ROWIAK develops customized medical devices and custom-made contract research projects.

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