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Recent Presentations about Femtosecond Lasers and their Applications in Ophthalmology

Click on the title of the presentation to open/download the pdf-document:

Restoration of Accommodation With Laser Surgery
American Academy of Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day, New Orleans Nov 2013

Femtosecond Lasers in Ophthalmic Practice
Ophthalmology Times Webinar "The latest developments in Femtosecond Technology", Oct. 2013

Presbyopia Treatment of the Natural Lens by Femtosecond Laser
Clinical Research Symposium: Basic Research on the Crystalline Lens and IOLs Restoring Accommodation , ESCRS, Amsterdam
Oct. 2013

Technological Challenges in Corneal Laser Lamellar Surgery
Symposium  Laser assisted lamellar keratoplasty; EuCornea, Amsterdam
Oct. 2013

Demystifying Femto- and other Lasers - Femtosecond Laser Fundamentals 
BSRS Annual Congress, The Belfry, West Midlands
June 2013

Heilen mit Licht: Vom Einsatz des Lasers in der Medizin
Vortragsreihe LICHT, phaeno, Wolfsburg
Feb. 2013 [in German]

Current and Future Trends of Refractive Surgery with Femtosecond Laser
2nd International Congress Rolandsicsso, Rome
June 2012

OCT-controlled femtosecond laser preparation of corneal transplants
Introduction to the CorneaSurgeon, Refr@ ctive.on-line / Sicsso Meeting Grosseto, Italy
July 2011

FS-Laser Anwendung an der kristallinen Linse
Update on Femto-Application on the Crystalline Lens, Advents-Symposium, Cologne
Nov. 2011 [in German]

Can I Use a Corneal Laser to Treat the Lens?
Spotlight on Femtosecond-Assisted Cataract Surgery, AAO Orlando, Florida
Oct. 2011

Quo Vadis, Femtosecond Laser?
Key Note Lecture, Aspen Invitational Refractive Symposium, Colorado
Feb. 2011

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