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ROWIAK - Your Vision is Our Business

The fear of getting a major eye disease or becoming blind – one of the worst misfortunes imaginable! But even minor eye disorders such as presbyopia can become a handicap and a burden in daily life.

At ROWIAK we aim to treat presbyopia by applying femtosecond laser technology. This treatment causes the lens to obtain its former flexibility and leads to improved vision. Holger Lubatschowski, PhD, and his team of experts have developed a laser system that is currently being tested in controlled clinical trials.

For more than ten years, we at ROWIAK have implemented the ideas of various visionaries and pioneered our own designs. The results are user-friendly und easily applied. With imagination, inspiration and the courage to sail unchartered waters, ROWIAK has become eminent in the field of ophthalmology.

Our customers can also profit from our consultation services in the areas of Contract Development or Clinical Services and Regulatory Affairs. We serve our customers competently and professionally. Customer satisfaction is one of our main objectives.

Please contact us if you want to set new standards in your ophthalmic clinic. With our expertise in the field of femtosecond laser technology and the development of laser systems to treat presbyopia, you have a competent and reliable partner at your side.

Clinical Trial Presbyopia

Presbyopia is  physiological process of hardening the cristalline lens that relates each person from about 45 years.

With our controlled Clinical Trial we are testing a new medical  procedure for a causal treatment, which allows you to retain your natural lens. Read more... [in German]

News & Events

2016/04/27 21:05

Treatment of Presbyopia – At its Source

Pioneer of femtosecond laser technology defined additional goals

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2015/12/16 08:29

Treading Presbyopia causally

Pioneer of fs-Laser technology defines further goals [In German]

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